working with me

Did you know that it’s really easy to work with me? I teach textile-related workshops (using a drop spindle, knitting, stitching, dyeing) here at my studio in Rome. My approach to teaching includes meditation and relaxation techniques, and an appreciation of the importance of blood sugar! You can see what workshops are coming up by checking the Counterweave website here, or on the Counterweave Arts Facebook page here.

I also offer mentoring in person or via Skype and email. I love working with other artists, especially younger, or up and coming, artists and can offer encouragement, and support as well as technical advice!  You can organise mentoring sessions by emailing me at


I’m a Reiki practitioner attuned to Master level. You can come and have a hands-on session here in Rome, or organise distance Reiki which is extremely effective. You can book in-person or distance Reiki sessions through the Counterweave Anima page here¬†or the Counterweave Anima Facebook page here.

If you’re in the UK there are other opportunities for us to connect and work together, as we travel over to see family a few times a year, and I’m happy to schedule workshops, mentoring sessions or Reiki treatments. Email me at

That’s a lot of information (and many links!) But I would love to work with you and share my love of textiles and what I have learned – let’s see if we can connect.