my work on Etsy

The Counterweave Etsy shop has just been updated and has two of my small weavings and three types of my handspun kami ito paper yarn available for sale.

Weaving 1 is made of a deep magenta yarn spun from fine Shetland wool on my drop spindle. The piece also incorporates silk ribbon, found objects and commercial yarns.  It measures 50 cm by 20 cm and the supporting hanging stick is 28cm long. Click here for more photos and details of how to buy.


Weaving 2 is made of wool yarn in blues, deep gold and cream. Stitched to a found driftwood stick, the piece hangs from a length of silk ribbon which I dyed with indigo. The piece measures 45cm by 20 cm and the hanging stick is 26 cm long. More photos and details here.

There are three types of fine paper thread, or yarn available. I made these using the kami ito technique, an ancient Japanese method of spinning paper into thread to use in weaving shifu.  This is a labour-intensive process of taking washi paper, cutting it into a continuous length then dampening it before spinning into yarn or thread. I use a drop spindle but you can also use a spinning wheel or bobbin winder. The black and white kami ito was painted with Japanese sumi ink befoer the paper was cut for spinning: this kami ito can’t be guarateed waterproof and it is likley that the ink will run if it becomes wet.

Kami ito can be used for weaving, especially Japanese shifu weaving. It can also be used to knit or crochet and in mixed media art. It is surprisingly strong and can even be stitched onto paper or heavy card. More details here.