Il Sangue delle Donne, The Blood of Women

I was really thrilled to be invited to participate in the Il Sangue delle Donne project, curated by Manuela de Leonardis. The project uses the pannolino, or menstrual cloth, as a basis to explore aspects of the feminine experience. You can find out more about the project on the Facebook page here, and the La Stellina Arte Contemporanea website here.

Earlier this week Manuela came for a studio visit and brought me a vintage menstrual cloth. Over the next couple of weeks I will work on the cloth to make an artwork that reflects my thoughts and experiences on women’s bleeding and what it can signify.  And  I’ll be documenting the process here and on Instagram and my Facebook page.


I spent some time scoping out possibilities. The first step is to get to know the cloth, feel the texture and the weight and to measure it.

then to hang the cloth where I can see it

and to start playing with ideas in my sketchbook/studio journal

   auditioning threads (I considered using white, or neutral coloured threads but decided that being obvious isn’t always a bad thing)and auditioning suitable pieces of vintage linen to start testing ideas

This damask napkin turned out to be just the right size, if a bit heavier than the actual cloth.

So, off to do some research and then some sampling, before I start working on the precious pannolino.