be part of the art!

If you enjoyed my posts on making the artwork for Il Sangue delle Donne exhibition you might like to get more insights into my creative process on my new Patreon page and be part of the art!.

Patreon is a little bit like a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter but it’s interactive and subscription-based. You might like my art or admire my process, but are not in a position to buy it (yet!). For the price of a cup of coffee every month you can get access to patron-only posts on my current projects. Or for a little more you can participate in my creative process, get discounts on my work, advance notice of exhibitions, public acknowledgement of your support or free downloads.

I often test ideas on Facebook and Instagram friends, or ask them their thoughts on particular issues that I’m working on. But with Patreon I’m really looking forward to having a different level of interaction and connection. I want your input!

After struggling with the category issue of ‘am I a writer or an artist’, I am merging my two creative streams. Unfortunately at the moment Patreon is still making me choose, so for the time being I am in the writer category as the emphasis in my work is on text, but this may change. Don’t be surprised or dismayed if I hop over to the artist category. I’ve always incorporated text into my work. But now I’m going beyond the decorative to make the text and textile one.

Come and join me on Patreon. Get insights into my creative process and be part of the art!